Back Stage with the Librarian

The final product of an orchestra is the live performance. To achieve the goal, of a high level of audience appreciation, many tasks must take place. A number of these are discernible: the conductor must acquire a fluent knowledge of the score, the performers must learn and practice their parts, and the general manager and others must arrange for the venue, tickets, marketing, lighting, stage set up, etc. While all tasks lead to a successful performance one task that is less visible to the audience is the orchestra librarian. Hi, I’m Rob Davidson, the GBS librarian and I have been a member of the viola section for about 10 years. I’ve been the symphony librarian for a year now. I would

Thank You to the orchestra

Our guest artist from Oct 21, Melody Thomas, had some kind words to say about our area and the orchestra. We wanted to share those with you here. My partner Andy and I spent a lovely day on the Bruce Peninsula on Sunday after the concert. I wanted to say thank you so much to Maestro Koh and David Adair for such a wonderful experience singing with the Georgian Bay Symphony. It is very clear that the GBS musicians are a hard-working and incredibly kind-hearted bunch. I felt so incredibly welcome and taken care of during my stay. The audience members that I got to interact with were also an extremely supportive, friendly crowd. You clearly have a beautiful arts community in Owen Sound! Many

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