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Co Op Blog : End of the 45th Season

This past weekend was the final concert of the season, From Russia With Love. This concert nearly sold out, with fewer than 40 tickets remaining at the end of the night. I have personally been looking forward to this concert since I first heard of it, as I have always loved classical Russian music. Getting to hear Tchaikovsky’s Waltz of the Flowers was a wonderful experience for me, and made even better due to the exceptional performance given by the Symphony. Each piece was played beautifully, and during the intermission as I spoke to some of the other people in attendance, it became clear that I was not alone in thinking that this was one of the best performances that has been given by the Symphony.

The programs for next year’s season have arrived, and the lineup looks amazing. Although I will not be working with the Georgian Bay Symphony next year, seeing works by composers like Liszt, Schubert and Bizet will likely bring me back from college to hear more from the Symphony.

We have spent this week mostly processing subscription renewals for next season, along with new subscribers. It’s great to see so many people already excited for next season already! There will be several very talented guest musicians joining the GBS next year, a Soprano as well as two Pianists and a local Violinist, and of course the GBS’s own gifted Principals will be featured. Anyone who has not already gotten their subscription for the 46th Season is encouraged to come to the office downtown or give us a call as soon as possible to make sure that you get the best seats we can give you!

We have also been working on updating the GBS Website over the last few weeks. There is now an image of the seating plan at the OSCVI Community Auditorium on the site, as well as direct links from each concert to its event page on Facebook. Hopefully these changes will make it easier for you to find the tickets you are looking for to attend the concerts next season!

I have had the opportunity to attend several Board Meetings during my time with the Symphony, and another one this Thursday. It has been great working with everyone, and I have definitely been able to learn a lot from members of the GBS Board. As someone who wants to work in the administration and management side of the music industry, their advice has been invaluable, and getting the chance to see how decisions are made and the thought process that goes into them has been very interesting. Lots of exciting topics being discussed, everyone should be in for a wonderful 46th Season!

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