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Co Op Blog : Envelopes and Federal Investigation?

This week has been largely focused on contacting people who are involved with the GBS in one way or another, which hasn't always been a smooth ride.

Suspiciously Confirming Your Contact Information

In the process of confirming addresses and phone numbers, Canada 411 periodically locked my computer from accessing their site. Apparently we were engaging in "suspicious activity" by looking up several hundred people...understandable I suppose. With several breaks from the research and one computer restart, we were able to confirm almost everyone's contact information without getting shut down by government officials! ☺️

The Joys of Social Media

As you probably know if you're reading this, the GBS is very involved in social media, and we often use Facebook, Twitter and blog posts through our website for promotional and informational purposes. This may sound fairly straightforward, but there are a lot of things to take into account if you want to be successful in your use of social media. Did you know that important posts should be posted two or three times to Twitter to make sure that people see them? You probably agree with the point that videos and pictures tend to get more attention on Facebook than text posts. According to a professional blogger, I also should have already started a new paragraph because this one is too long to hold your attention. Are they right?

How Could We Let You Forget Your Subscription?

Subscriptions are still rolling in, although there are a lot of you that we haven't heard from yet. Take advantage of the nice weather and come down to our office to renew your seats before the end of June! We promise not to let you forget, if we don't hear from you within the next couple of weeks, look forward to another phone call from myself or our business manager, David.

If you haven't already read our blog post about our matching donor campaign, I have put a link HERE to our online donation page. Friends of the Symphony have generously pledged $5000 to match your donations 2-for-1 until June 30th! Any support that you are able to give the GBS is greatly appreciated, as we hope to begin next season without any outstanding debt.

Sorry About the Envelopes...

Speaking of the donation matching campaign, we have beat our record and were able to stuff, seal and post over 200 letters in less than three hours. Between thinner-than-paper envelopes and a sealing device that really doesn't work that well, I was impressed with the lack of catastrophe. We have now successfully mailed out campaign letters, and don't worry, we will use better envelopes next time.

Making Geography Teachers Everywhere Cringe I was treated to a small lesson in geography this week, which has never been a strong point of mine. According to Canada 411, Leith barely exists and Mar is one of the least commonly searched places in this region. Honestly, I didn't know that Mar existed until this week so I can't really blame them. It's very interesting to see where different subscribers to the GBS come from. Of course, there are plenty in Owen Sound and Saugeen Shores, but I was surprised at how many come from up the Peninsula and out by Blue Mountains. Congratulations to those of you who manage to make that drive to the winter concerts! That just goes to show how much people in Ontario love good music, which is always good to confirm.

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