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Burton Morrison Award 2019

The Symphony is proud to present this years's Burton Morrison Award to, GBS clarinetist, Sean Nicholson . The award is given to a senior student who is planning on pursuing music after high school.

Sean Nicholson, clarinet

Sean Nicholson

StartFragmentI've been playing clarinet and piano for about 6 years. I started both of them around the same time at my elementary school. I am in grade 12 this year and attend St. Mary's High School. About a year later I also took up the guitar and the pipe organ about 4 years ago. I am very grateful to the GBS for the award as it will go to my pursuing music performance in piano in the fall of 2020. This year I will be working on completing my ARCT in piano performance as well as theory exams for the RCM. As for hobbies, I enjoy cycling and reading. EndFragment

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