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Applause! Applause!

Our November concert has just ended and the response has been amazing. Here is just a sample of what people are saying:

Once again, positively “Brilliant”!

The innovative tour around Europe, all the way from Owen Sound, was uplifting & heartwarming when so many have had to sacrifice their travels. The talent & dedication of the wonderful artists of the GBS beautiful presented!

A huge thank you to everyone for the incredible efforts required to bring another evening of, the best music ever, right to our homes.

Special note of “Thanks” for the wearing of the Poppies!

Added note of appreciation for the care & respect of everyone’s mask wearing, special note to Jack for his “bling” mask! Outstanding addition to the tux.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Maestro Koh & Musician Artists!

Thank you David & Board Members! --C.C.

Great concert last night! Congrats!—J.S.

A really good performance. I'm glad I’m supporting the group.—H.S

We wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the concert. The artists were wonderful, the backgrounds were thoughtful, and it was a treat to hear some pieces that we recognized. Thanks to all who worked so hard to put this together. Bravo! –L. M. & P. M.

Well done everyone! The solos and ensembles were amazing and editing with the little musical facts made it wonderful way to spend a Saturday evening. Looking forward to Christmas.—N.M.

Bravo on a totally enjoyable concert and trip around Europe!! So well done - big thanks to …all of the wonderful musicians and the board! –C. & J.

Congratulations everyone, you just keep getting better. I loved the variety. I watched it Saturday and then again this week with a couple of friends(keeping our social distancing). We bring our own food and beverage and enjoy the presentation.

All that extra work is truly appreciated, keep up the good work and before we know it, we will be together again. Be safe and stay well.—B.A.

Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments. We appreciate your feedback.


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