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Renewal Process Existing subscribers have until Friday June 28th to renew your subscription and guarantee your present seat assignment. You can visit the office or call 519-372-0212 (Tue to Fri Noon to 5pm) What if I wish to change my seat? You can make a seat change request when you renew your subscription. Seat change requests are handled on a first come first served basis and will be processed following the June 28th subscription renewal deadline. Although every attempt is made to accommodate your request this is not always possible. Friday June 28th: Deadline to renew and guarantee your seat. New Subscribers Take advantage of our offer of 35% off the ticket price for your first year. You

Concert Program Notes May 11

“Spring in Old Town” (2019) is a short festive overture by Canadian composer Kevin Zi-Xiao He. Written in three parts, the piece resembles the call and response form of traditional Chinese wind and percussion ensembles at its beginning and end, and borrows a traditional tune in the middle section. Orchestrated into a lyrical and delicate passage, the slow melody, "Searching Qing-Shui River", is a folklore tune from the Beijing region, telling the moving love story between a young couple. Through the use of various traditional Chinese musical elements, the piece aims to portray the joyous scene of citizens in the “old town” celebrating the Spring Festival. This work represents yet another eff

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