Program Notes --London Calling

Johannes Brahms (1833-1897) Academic Festival Overture, op. 80 Johannes Brahms was not an academic but was offered several honourary degrees over his career. In 1879 the University of Breslau, Germany, offered him a Doctorate in Music. He sent them a thank you card for the honour. A friend suggested that a musical response would be a better response and so Brahms wrote the Academic Festival Overture. Brahms conducted this musical picture of student life, himself in Breslau to an audience of faculty and town dignitaries. They were taken aback by what they perceived to be a frivolous piece. Brahms had tried to capture student life, both the partying and the studying. The work contains majestic


There is an age-old Czech saying that all Czechs are musicians. You will be able to experience this for yourself on October 25th as we welcome the Dvořák Piano Quartet from Prague. The Dvořák Piano Quartet formed several years ago, and quickly established itself as one of the Czech premier chamber ensembles. They present the listener with interpretation of chamber music in the best Czech tradition and sound. The members of the Quartet are experienced musicians who studied under legendary artists, where they gained their deep understanding. The Quartet’s recent CD, Supraphon, the highest recognition, the Choc de Classica from France's Classica magazine. Pianist Slávka Vernerová studied at Pra

New Concert Series in Town

HELLO FRIENDS: Mossy Gatherings is back! We are hosting one show a month at St. George’s Church from September 2019 to June 2020. Three of the shows may be of interest to the GBS followers. Kati Gleiser (Soulful/ meditative piano) on December 21st One of our local favourite musicians. Kati brings soulful song and prayerful improvisations with her sensitive virtuoso pianism. Drawing from her travels around the world to various indigenous communities, this is a non-denominational event that celebrates the world soul. Kristen Moss Theriault (classical harp) on May 16th One of Canada’s most vibrant and innovative young harpists! Kristen has played at the Shaw Festival, at the 2011 Juno Awards,

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